Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shout outs

As I flip through my November 2011 Better Homes and Gardens magazine I realize that this magazine does not get enough credit. I think I based ALL my paint colors on photos that I'd seen in BHG. I always enjoy looking at Southern Living but honestly BHG has better decorating and craft ideas. It's funny, when I look at a magazine now I think 'Oh, I should pin this on Pinterest' and then realize magazines like BHG had it going on all this time but for some reason some one starts a website with the same stuff and it suddenly gets me all worked up to become "crafty". I guess it really is all about presentation!

Well Saturday Lee & I worked hard in the garage and actually cleared enough out to fit my car in. I sent a picture of it to a friend who replied "Shut the front door! Is that a hot wheel or a real car!" She had threatened to turn me in to the tv show Hoarders if I didn't get busy cleaning it out. So now the fun part... preparing for the garage sale. Ugh, I hate trying to price stuff, people are going to try to name their own price anyway, can't I just haggle with everyone & not waste my time pricing???

This weekend we hit the road to "Cow Town" for a dear friends wedding. Lee will be in hog heaven with all of his Huawni buddies and I get to eat cake, drink champagne & dance - what could be better!? (I will be happy to see the Huawni crew too, they are good people!!)

Before I end this post I have to give a couple more shout outs. Sadly we will be missing my Mom's birthday Saturday - Happy birthday Mom, you don't look a day over 35 - we will celebrate soon! Also, to Miss Molly Michael, who turned BIG 5 on the 14th but we will be missing her awesome Halloween party this weekend also. We love you MM, I cannot believe you are so grown up already!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Planning parties gets us rollin'

I think that if I EVER want to get my house in order that I should just keep planning events here. I hosted a small group girls bible study last Wednesday and that got me moving to at least clean my house but I still need to unpack. So, I am about to send an evite for supper club in hopes that it will get my hiney in gear! I think I will offer up my house for Thanksgiving too, if that doesn't work it will at least push me to get a prescription for Xanax. Kidding... maybe. ; )

Lee and a few other lucky people have today, Columbus Day, off - so he is home hanging blinds, YAY! I am at work, day dreaming of going home to an empty garage. Wouldn't that be nice!

I was so excited last night when I got an email from my sister asking to help her decorate a kitchen/living area. First of all, I'm flattered that she values my opinion and secondly it feeds my craving to decorate.

I'm fighting an urge to begin landscaping. I really need to concentrate on the interior but the exterior is calling my name. A healthy balance would be nice I suppose. All in time.

Last thought for today... I'm addicted to Pinterest. I made two snacks this weekend for the Texas vs OU game (we won't talk about that) that I found on Pinterest and everyone LOVED them. Copy & Paste links...



If you don't have a Pinterest and need an invite, I will be happy to feed your new addiction! Just post your email address below.

Friday, October 7, 2011

G5, Cinco, George Lee, what ever you call him, he's awesome

As I was going through the pjcs on my phone I realized that my son is worth a post all his own. George cracks me up and he will be a famous actor someday - no doubt in my mind. Here are a few pictures (ok, a lot) to prove my point...

As you can see in his most recent school pics, he is still perfecting his head shot poses. Bahahaha

My boy is silly, handsome and very social & I love that about him!

Sadly, some of my best pics cannot be shared here due to nudity, the boy likes to run around in nothing but his boots, hat & gun belt often. (he gets it from his daddy)

October 7, always a great day!

We kicked back last Friday and had a few friends and their kids over. Im sure Miller Drive used to be a quaint, quiet street but now it's a quaint, lively street. I love our home just as much as I love our friends and their kids!

I still have yet to bring in one more box from the garage and I joke about just opening the door and setting up a table with some spare change and have a massive garage sale. The longer that stuff sits there the more serious that joke becomes.

In other news, today Lee and I celebrate UT beating OU five years ago... on our wedding day! Hook 'em horns & go us! We are eating at Stillwater and spending a romantic evening together (and with 2,000 bikers) in normally quaint, quiet Jefferson TX, just so happens it's Boo Benefit weekend.

Tomorrow morning we will sleep in, eat & then hurry home to watch UT stomp OU!!! I love this time of year. I may even throw in some Fire Ant festival fun for the kids before we go celebrate the engagement of our sweet friends Micah & Indy tomorrow night. I know they will be celebrating many anniversaries together soon!

Geez, am I really doing all this in the next 48 hrs!? Oh well, to dwell on the positive... It's a blessing to have so many fun things planned and so many sweet people to spend our time with.

Hope everyone has a safe weekend!