Friday, October 7, 2011

October 7, always a great day!

We kicked back last Friday and had a few friends and their kids over. Im sure Miller Drive used to be a quaint, quiet street but now it's a quaint, lively street. I love our home just as much as I love our friends and their kids!

I still have yet to bring in one more box from the garage and I joke about just opening the door and setting up a table with some spare change and have a massive garage sale. The longer that stuff sits there the more serious that joke becomes.

In other news, today Lee and I celebrate UT beating OU five years ago... on our wedding day! Hook 'em horns & go us! We are eating at Stillwater and spending a romantic evening together (and with 2,000 bikers) in normally quaint, quiet Jefferson TX, just so happens it's Boo Benefit weekend.

Tomorrow morning we will sleep in, eat & then hurry home to watch UT stomp OU!!! I love this time of year. I may even throw in some Fire Ant festival fun for the kids before we go celebrate the engagement of our sweet friends Micah & Indy tomorrow night. I know they will be celebrating many anniversaries together soon!

Geez, am I really doing all this in the next 48 hrs!? Oh well, to dwell on the positive... It's a blessing to have so many fun things planned and so many sweet people to spend our time with.

Hope everyone has a safe weekend!

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