Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hello!? Fragile

I was so sad to find the box of china crushed and even sadder when I opened it to find several pieces of our wedding pottery broken : (

But I guess to only have a hand full of things break out of all of our stuff I consider myself lucky.

On a BRIGHT note, all of our light fixtures have been installed. Eagle Electric did a great job and stayed until 11pm to get finished. One of the guys even rocked Olivia while Lee bathed George so I could go running. Lol

Oh and speaking of things breaking, you will notice the light above our kitchen sink is without a glass globe... I have purchased the exact same globe THREE times from Lowes, first time the thread on the bolts didn't line up, second time I dropped and broke it while bringing it in the house, so I bought it the third time only for the electrician to break it while installing. Apparently this house did NOT approve of my selection. I am going to Lowes today to pick out a new, completely different globe!!

And last night we had our first home cooked meal in our new house... thanks to our great friend Brooke. I have not even been to the grocery store yet. I'm completely terrified to see the bill for restocking a house of food and toiletries.

Brooke you can cook for us any time, it was super delicious!!

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