Monday, September 26, 2011


As if I don't already have enough going on... I've decided to run a relay leg in a marathon on December 4th. My husband has inspired me to run, and I must say it's addicting. I don't love running, and I'm not fast or even good at it, but it feels SO good after you have pushed yourself to the max.

I knew I would no where near prepared to run a marathon, or half marathon in the next 63 day (or maybe EVER) but I knew I could at least run about 6 miles if I start training now. I started training Sept 19th - one week ago and have only ran TWO times. Not Good. I think moving a family of four may have inturruped my plans a little.

I WILL BE READY BY DEC 4TH - if I keep telling myself that I may just believe myself! Any way, I talked 4 awesome girls into running with me, and with them on my team I know we will Rock the ROCK!

It's all for a great cause, as most races are, so PLEASE help the children and click this link to donate! And go ahead and put me, Krysta, Brooke, Sara & Joanie on your prayer list because it will be a long, cold, run come Dec 4th!!


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